Was Vittorio Arrigoni Murdered Because He Was Gay?

It seems this was a distinct possibility.

For days I have heard rumors of Arrigoni’s openly homosexual lifestyle, but decided not to post them since they were posted without any sources, by blogs antagonistic to Arrigoni, rendering them not so credible.

But after some investigative work I have uncovered some comments to a couple of Ken “KOK” O’Keefe videos from YouTube poster called thetruthforreal1, which suggest he was either a friend of Arrigoni, or at least someone sympathetic to what Arrigoni was doing in Gaza.

thetruthforreal1 commented on Vittorio Arrigoni – Humanit… (3 days ago)
“Vittorio we will miss you but you knew how foolish it was to live this openly gay lifestyle here in Gaza…it may be OK in Italy but you knew what would happen here to you and you still lived like this. I’m sorry for your family and for Emin…poor Emin has now had to go into hiding for fear of the same fate as you, all for just loving? you. Rest in peace my good man; I am sorry for this horrible end for another homosexual man in Gaza. ”

thetruthforreal1 commented on Vittorio Arrigoni Kidnappin… (4 days ago)
“The murder of Vittorio is just another anti-homosexual murder in Gaza….absolutely horrible.”

thetruthforreal1 commented on Vittorio Arrigoni Kidnappin… (4 days ago)
“Hi – you want to meet me to view all the hate posters against gay people? That is an odd request…you can find me at the Avenue Restaurant most evenings if you like. I am tired of all the killing here, man, woman, child, doctors, politicians, journalists and homosexuals. Vittorio was playing with fire. He knows that most gays leave the area…but he stayed…and now he is dead for simply being in love.”

thetruthforreal1 commented on Vittorio Arrigoni Kidnappin… (4 days ago)
“It is very ordinary here for Zahar to order the execution of gays on the streets of Gaza. It has even been rumored that his Rima is a lesbian which is why he does these things. If Vittorio wasn’t so public with the way he was then he would still be alive. Most of the homosexuals here hide in Khan Yunis or flee the area entirely…Vittorio knew he too should have been over in KY but he felt he was safe in Gaza….he should have know that no gay men are safe here.”

thetruthforreal1 commented on Vittorio Arrigoni Kidnappin… (4 days ago)
“I live here in Gaza my friend and it is well known that Vittorio and Emin were a gay couple….they were openly so and that is not accepted here. Emin has now left Gaza because he’s terrified…it is a sad day for Gaza. You only need to go to Gamal’s down in Remal to see all the anti-homosexual graffiti and posters that are posted around the area…poor Vittorio, he will not be the last to be a victim.”

Screenshots are available here and here.

I don’t rule out other possible reasons for his murder, but if true that Arrigoni was homosexual, this would have made him even more expendable than the average infidel.

Update: As commenter Ian has pointed out, there are suggestions that Arrigoni had a girlfriend by the name of Claudia Milani. But elsewhere, she is also referred to as his “friend.”

While the suggestions of his homosexuality by a YouTube user do not exactly constitute “beyond a reasonable doubt” either, I find them more compelling than suggestions to the contrary in the mainstream media, especially since there is no indication this YouTube user is antagonistic towards Arrigoni or the “palestinian cause.”

Update: I asked gay palestinian blogger Nizo whether he had heard anything about Arrigoni being killed for being gay. This is what Nizo had to say:

I did hear about Arrigoni being gay. That said, like you, I can’t find proof that he was killed for that reason. I think IJ just wanted to tarnish Hamas’ name by projecting the image that Gaza is out of control. If they were really after him for his sexual orientation then they could have found a way to shame him by providing video proof of him as a homosexual or killing him and his alleged boyfriend while they’re in the act.

In any case, a quick google arabic search led me to the following comment by an Arab in Saudi Arabia irked by the attention, my translation in English, followed by original text:

This kaffir (infidel) is a martyr now?
First of all, this person isn’t a muslim
Second of all, it is known that this person is a homosexual
Third of all, it is despicable how Haniyeh aggrandized this homosexual person as protection for (Hamas) ministerial posts and the funds derived from taxation. Why not make this Vittorio a Caliph?
Where are Hamas’ condemnations for their own killings of the sons of the Tamima mosque, or the sons of the Hilis, Kawareh, Dughmush clans. Are all of these infidels while this guy is a Muslim?

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David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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