Not Sunny Enough In West Dunbartonshire?

Brian of London in sunny Tel Aviv here, where the temperature is a not unpleasant 25? and the sun is shinning brightly in the sky. Meanwhile, over in Scotland and more particularly our favorite Israel boycotting council of West Dunbartonshire, all may not be so rosy:

West Dunbartonshire Council’s Trading Standards team is warning residents to be on their guard from salesmen attempting to sell them solar panels and energy saving installations.

Oh dear, not enough sun to make solar panels work up there in the frozen north?

Outside of Israel, it is a little known fact that solar water heating is the legally mandated and accepted norm in houses and apartments up and down the country. For a few short months in the winter it’s necessary to supplement the systems with a burst of electricity but for the rest of the year it’s 100% free. Even now I have enough hot water for a shower at 7am after bathing the kids the night before.

According to the “book of knowledge” Wikipedia:

As of the early 1990s, all new residential buildings were required by the government to install solar water-heating systems, and Israel’s National Infrastructure Ministry estimates that solar panels for water-heating satisfy 4% of the country’s total energy demand.[2] Israel and Cyprus are the per-capita leaders in the use of solar hot water systems with over 90% of homes using them.[15]

The Ministry of National Infrastructures estimates solar water heating saves Israel two million barrels of oil a year.[10]

I’m sure we could send some of these over to you if you like, they’re not a scam. Oh, wait, no we can’t: you don’t buy Jew goods do you?

But obviously you have to live in a sunny country. Sorry West Dunbartonshire: keep burning those Arab fossil fuels and maybe the world will warm up for you.


Brian of London

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