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West Dunbartonshire Councillors Cry Foul

The West Dunbartonshire Council is claiming it has received death threats from Israel supporters.

Try Laphroaig Single Islay Malt

Brian of London personally recommends Laphroaig Single Islay Malt. Its not from West Dunbartonshire.

West Dunbartonshire Councillor’s Correspondence With “Hamas Supporter”?

I have been sent correspondence purported to be between West Dunbartonshire Councillor Jim Bollan and someone pretending to be a Hamas supporter

Another Winner From the West Dunbartonshire Council

They're the gits who keep on giving

Follow-Up On Whisky Counter Boycott

I've been informed there's progress with the great Whisky Counter Boycott, designed to hit the ignoramuses of West Dunbartonshire Council where it hurts.

Not Sunny Enough In West Dunbartonshire?

They're not all that pretty, but 90% of homes in Israel have these.

The Great Whisky Counter-Boycott

In response to the West Dunbartonshire Council decision to ban books from Israel, fellow Israeli blogger Jameel has come up with a plan.

Jim McElhill of West Dunbartonshire Council Leaving Nasty Comments Here

If so, I want to make his constituents aware of the type of person representing them.

Hey, You Wanna Buy An AMD Computer?

Don't worry, I'll sell them via Arabs

Follow Up On The Dumbies of Dunbartonshire Council

A folow up to my post on the West Dunbartonshire Council ban on Israeli books

Scottish Council Launches Ban On Israeli Books

The latest sick chapter in the BDS story.


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