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WATCH: A Sanctification of G-d’s Name Happened in Scotland

Let's be honest; Israelis are not generally known for their manners but they'll surprise you every once in a while.

Scottish Parliament Welcomes New Pro-Israel Group To Its Ranks

Good news from Scotland, with a new pro-Israel group accepted in to the Scottish parliament

Rise In “Jewish” Scottish Prison Inmates…For The Food

I'd say you can't make this stuff up - but it already has been

Football Crowds Hating Israel Has Grown

What a difference a decade makes in anti-Israel feeling.

Scottish BDSHole Jailed For Acid Attack At Israeli-Owned Stall

I believe I have found his Facebook profile, and what a hypocrite he is

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Alex Salmond?

I don’t think Sean would have been saying that.

Military Occupation To Continue

Scotland rejects the two state solution.

Donnachie Undone

Do you remember Paul the pube-pulling putz? Sucks to be him

Jews on Campus: Wave Your Flags

A special guest post
Paul Donnachie

The Sentencing Of Paul, Pube Pulling Putz

Pube pulling putz Paul Donnachie has been sentenced for his disgusting act against a Jewish student at St Andrews University
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