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Scottish Labour Deals With Antisemitic Councillor…By Giving Him Key Role

UK Labour Party: We have handled our antisemitism problem atrociously. Scottish subdivision: Hold our scotch.

WATCH: A Sanctification of G-d’s Name Happened in Scotland

Let's be honest; Israelis are not generally known for their manners but they'll surprise you every once in a while.

Scottish Parliament Welcomes New Pro-Israel Group To Its Ranks

Good news from Scotland, with a new pro-Israel group accepted in to the Scottish parliament

Rise In “Jewish” Scottish Prison Inmates…For The Food

I'd say you can't make this stuff up - but it already has been

Football Crowds Hating Israel Has Grown

What a difference a decade makes in anti-Israel feeling.

Scottish BDSHole Jailed For Acid Attack At Israeli-Owned Stall

I believe I have found his Facebook profile, and what a hypocrite he is

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Alex Salmond?

I don’t think Sean would have been saying that.

Military Occupation To Continue

Scotland rejects the two state solution.

Donnachie Undone

Do you remember Paul the pube-pulling putz? Sucks to be him

Jews on Campus: Wave Your Flags

A special guest post
Paul Donnachie

The Sentencing Of Paul, Pube Pulling Putz

Pube pulling putz Paul Donnachie has been sentenced for his disgusting act against a Jewish student at St Andrews University

Not So Great Scot!

Yet another disturbing story from the UK

West Dunbartonshire Councillors Cry Foul

The West Dunbartonshire Council is claiming it has received death threats from Israel supporters.


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