Apologise? Norway, Not-now, Not-ever!

Brian of London here to fill you in on the latest craziness to break out in the world of Jew hating european nations. A week ago Barry Rubin, long time friend of Israellycool and someone who both Dave and I look to for his authoritative, well written and timely analyses of Middle Eastern events, wrote about Norway for the Jerusalem Post. Barry’s piece was well considered and calm but pointed out that maybe, just maybe, the Norwegian inability to call Hamas terrorists and recognise their terrorism toward Israel, had something to do with Anders Breivik’s belief that if you shoot a bunch of people, someone will acquiesce to your demands.

Around the same time the Jerusalem Post also published an editorial about the failure of multiculturalism and Caroline Glick’s comments relating to the Breivik actions.

And then, while I was driving on Friday morning someone rang me and asked if I’d seen the Jerusalem Post’s “Apology to Norway“. WHAT? Why on earth should a newspaper apologise for its opinions? Ever!

“Your country is a symbol of peace and freedom. In Israel, we followed the events… in Norway and the attack on innocent civilians broke our hearts.

Excuse my language. Bullshit. Norway is a symbol of the total and utter breakdown of society when run by the hard, progressive left in all its brain addled glory. To demand an apology for Barry’s article, which was nothing if not truthful, reminds me of a bunch of Islamic Clerics who’ve just noticed that a four year old on the other side of the world has named their teddy bear “Mohammad”. Whhaaaaa!

But even more astonishing is that the Jerusalem Post bowed down and dhimmitudinaly submitted to this! I have no idea what weight was brought to bear on the editor but I hope it was something serious like threatening the death of his first born. Because if we can’t rely on the editors of our newspapers to stand up for our right to offend (with the truth) what chance have we. Oh, wait, perhaps we have to add the Jerusalem Post into the list of other craven media outlets like all those who refused to print the Mohammad cartoon.

The only honourable thing the editor managed to do was give Barry an unlimited amount of space to respond today. And I can’t wait to see how he’s going to apologise for this one. Perhaps he better start building his own cross because the Norwegians will want him nailed up for this. Barry has doubled down, in my opinion, and is clearer than ever. I urge you to read it all but here are some sizzling highlights.

Former Prime Minister Kare Willoch criticized President Barack Obama for appointing Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff because he was “Jewish.” Nor the author Jostein Gaarder who wrote an op-ed in Aftenposten entitled, “God’s Chosen People” at a time when three Israeli soldiers had been kidnapped by Hizballah and a war was on, describing Judaism as “an archaic national and warlike religion.” Apology?

In 2008, a Norwegian comedian said on national television, “I would like to wish all Norwegian Jews a Merry Christmas – no, what am I saying! You don’t celebrate Christmas, do you!? It was you who crucified Jesus.” Apology? Last year the minister of finance spoke at a largely Islamist-organized anti-Israel rally. Apology? A person who has served as a Foreign Ministry official remarked in 2008 that she occasionally wished the UN would send “precision-guided missiles against selected Israeli targets.” Apology?

Yes, Norway, where is the apology you owe all Jews?

What I wrote in the “Oslo Syndrome” is that people who accept rationales for terrorism and reward those movements politically increase terrorism. Equally, those who accept double standards, slanderous lies (without apology) about themselves in the media of other countries, and the consorting of those countries with groups that want to exterminate them only increase that behavior, too.

And that, my friends, is why Jews better get out of Norway quickly. They will be blamed when the mobs come to kill them. It’s the same old inversion of good and evil, of victim and aggressor and Norway is rushing to it’s own death.

Barry also makes reference to a little known Norwegian politician of Pakistani origin, Samira Munir who was probably “suicided”:

You’ve never heard of Samira Munir and Norway’s establishment has swept her story away. She was a Norwegian politician of Pakistani origin who fought for women’s rights and against sharia law. She was found dead in November 2004, supposedly a suicide but seeming far more likely to have been a terrorist murder. She had received daily death threats by phone and walking down the street. Might this act, whose perpetrators were never punished, indicate that some people think they can commit terrorism, get away with it, and suffer no political damage?

And also this weekend, a man who’ve I’ve met a few times and who’s blogged for many years as Fjordman walked into a police station in Norway to give a statement. He was immediately taken in and treated as a murder suspect! He has never called for anyone to kill anyone, never committed a violent act and is now feeling the full force of a totalitarian state behaving like the East German Stasi at the height of their powers.

I’m sure there are decent people in Norway. Please, wake up, see what the combination of the extreme left and their beloved experiment with unchecked Islam has done to your nation. If you still have a working democracy, use it or, within a generation, you will lose it.


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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