The Sentencing Of Paul, Pube Pulling Putz


Pube pulling putz Paul Donnachie has been sentenced for his disgusting act against a Jewish student at St Andrews University.

Paul DonnachieSt Andrews student sentenced for Israel flag racism

Paul Donnachie, 19, has been sentenced to 150 hours for putting his hands down his trousers before rubbing them on Jewish student Chanan Reitblat’s flag.

Donnachie also accused Mr Reitblat of being a terrorist during the incident at the halls of residence in March.

Donnachie was also ordered to pay Mr Reitblat £300 in compensation.

Donnachie has been expelled from St Andrews University.

Cupar Sheriff Court had earlier heard evidence from Mr Reitblat, a chemistry student on a one-term exchange from the Jewish Yeshiva University in New York, who said he felt “violated and devastated” by the incident.

Donnachie can look at the upside: 150 hours community service is way better than being in prison, where he might find that bending over to pick up a pube is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Pun intended.

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