Lebanese MP Ali Hassan Khalil has claimed Hizbullah did not kill IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev in 2006.

Rather, Israel did.

regev goldwasser

An Israeli raid during the 2006 war in Lebanon killed two Israeli soldiers held captive by Hezbollah, according to a senior aide to a Lebanese leader allied to the group.

Ali Hassan Khalil, who is now health minister and top aide to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, wrote in his memoirs of the 34-day war being published by As-Safir daily in Beirut that news of the death of the two soldiers was relayed by senior Hezbollah official Hussein Khalil.

Hezbollah guerrillas captured the two soldiers in a cross border attack on July 12, 2006, with the aim of exchanging them for Lebanese and Arab prisoners held in Israel. Israel responded by launching a war against Hezbollah demanding the freeing of the soldiers and the disarming of Hezbollah.

The Jewish state failed to achieve its goals and had to exchange the remains of the soldiers with the last Lebanese prisoners it held two years later.

It had been assumed that the soldiers were killed in the original Hezbollah attack. Hezbollah never commented on the condition of the soldiers until it handed over their remains, and it never discussed the issue since.

But Khalil wrote in As-Safir Wednesday that he and Berri were holding a meeting with the Hezbollah official on August 3, 2006, to assess the developments of the war when he told them that the two soldiers had recently died as a result of an Israeli raid on an unidentified location.

 “There is another subject that is known to very few brothers who are directly linked to the issue and no one other than us will find out about it later,” Hussein Khalil was quoted as saying. “Israeli bombardment during the past few days have led to the death of the two Israeli captives… The brothers had taken all precautions to avoid something like this happening but the (Israeli) expansion of bombardment and the use of heavy rockets have led to this.”

Berri aide wrote that Hezbollah’s Khalil continued, saying: “What an irony…  Israel kills the captives that it declared war (to free) them. From our side as resistance, we will continue the battle of negotiations as if nothing has happened.”

The minister did not say why the allegation was not revealed earlier but described the incident as one of the biggest secrets of the 2006 war.

Given our enemies’ disdain of the truth and use of lying to achieve their goals, I am inclined to dismiss this as pure propaganda. Nevertheless, I look forward to the Israel’s response to this allegation.

Update: As I fully expected, the IDF Spokesperson has confirmed this is a blatant lie.

remarks made by Hezbollah rep were blatant lies & just another psychological warfare attempt by the terror org

Update: I totally beat the mainstream media to this story. Booya!

2 thoughts on “Big Secret or Huge Lie?”

  1. Chances are that the 'brother' is lying through his teeth.

    I wonder what Israel's response will be to any similar 'martyrdom' operations of likewise nature in the future.

  2. If it was the truth then Hezbollah would have been all over that, I mean talk about propaganda coup. Of course it's a lie.

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