If We Are To Release Monsters

Yes, I am creating the impression that we should TARGET Isma??l Haniyya

Brian of London with my thoughts on last night’s deal to release 1000 monsters to retrieve one precious son of Israel.

The ONLY way this deal can be justified, from the point of view of the whole nation rather than that of the parents who did exactly what they should have done, is if the country of Israel now hunts down and kills, one by one, anyone who claims any membership of Hamas or any other group who’s stated aim is to overthrow our Jewish country and replace it with their own. We should start with the present leadership. Why did I have to see that vile creature on my TV gloating. Why didn’t we finish the job in Cast Lead?

If the Democratic President of the US can “drone” it’s own citizen enemies in foreign fields and have a secret, unelected Star Chamber to decide which of it’s own citizens live or die, Israel needs to grow some balls and start taking the heads off this Hydra. And I’m serious: collateral damage be dammed, if these people want to hide under a hospital they need to explain that to their people. We should risk the barest minimum of our people: remote control missiles all the way.

We’ve lost the elites in the west. They hate us no matter what but they’ll be hanging soon. Don’t worry what they think: the PEOPLE understand what it is to kill these terrorists and why it must be done.

The Heron UAV. The IAF did not state whether it can carry weapons or not. Here's hoping.

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