Actors Andrea Bowen, Rob Morrow, and Harry Hamlin at the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv, November 16, 2011. Photo: Hadar Cohen

Last week, Israel played host to 21 Hollywood personalities, who came through the Jewish Federation’s Tel Aviv/Los Angeles Partnership, The Creative Coalition and the AIPAC-affiliated American Israel Education Foundation.

Judging by the next comments, Israel really left an impression on them. 

“A lot of us are very intensely overwhelmed by this beautiful country and the tenacious, focused spirit of its people.”

“I have never before seen people [in Sderot] able to live in that kind of strange and difficult situation and call it normal, to move forward and teach their children how to love and not hate, and to remain hopeful there will be peace in this land”

“If the world went awry, I would probably want to be in Israel. Here I could look at the vibrant side of life no matter what’s going on outside of me.”

– Actor-producer-director Giancarlo Esposito

“To the outside world, the ‘two-state issue’ makes you think that in the streets of Israel there would be conflict. I assumed people would spit on each other and yet on the ground level I’m amazed at how respectful everyone is. I didn’t expect that.”

High School Musical actress KayCee Stroh  

“Everywhere we go here, I see there’s a mission that’s clearly related to the absolute necessity for security and survival that we forget about in the rest of the world. I’m grateful to witness it firsthand and bring those stories back to America.”

West Wing actor Richard Schiff

“In many ways, in the United States, Israel is defined by its pain, but now what is defining Israel for me is its life and light.”

– Actor Steven Weber

“Here in Israel, if immigration doesn’t rise year by year, something’s wrong. … I had no idea Israel does everything it can to bring people in.”

– Actor Richard Kind

“I commend all of you for living here, and I get it. I understand why you want to live here.”

 – Actor Rob Morrow

“This has been a remarkable learning experience. Before coming to Israel, I talked with friends and peers and there’s a lack of knowledge about what it is really like over here. What I’ve been hearing most of all is people discussing hope. My responsibility is to go back and inform young Americans what it’s like here. I’m trying to be a sponge for information. I don’t want to leave.”

– Actress Andrea Bowen

“What a stunning success this project of Israel has been so far. After just a few days, for all of us it’s important that this fragile yet extraordinary project be maintained.”

– Actor Harry Hamlin  

More on their visit here.

Methinks I have a few new additions for my comprehensive Pro-Israel Celebrities post.

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  1. The quote by Giancarlo Esposito reveals the importance of the worldwide media in planting the false image of how things are in the Jewish State, and the equal importance of the Jewish State rectifying the situation by coercing the worldwide media to cease and desist with their anti-Zionist lies.

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