Olympic Shame

Ahead of the 2012 London Olympics, the British Foreign Office is asking its citizens to upload short video clips on its official site where they describe Britain “through their eyes”.

We like to think Britain’s known as a place of tolerance, but also as a place of passion and energy with a great sense of fun.

A place where a tradition of independent-mindedness and free thinking fuels a remarkable dynamism and creativity.

But what do others think of us?

We’ve spoken to some of the many visitors from other countries who have found in the UK a place to study, a place to work or a place of refuge. We asked them to speak about their experiences of the UK.

To mark two years to go until London 2012, we launched our series of short films.

A British-palestinian rap singer by the name of Shadia Mansour, has used the opportunity to spread some good old fashioned anti-Israel propaganda.

Having said that,  it’s not the first time palestinians have hijacked the Olympics for their own agenda.

And who can forget this permanent memorial to Palestinian Olympic Achievement:

Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) provided the funds for the greatest Palestinian Olympic Achievement in the Massacre Jews event, Munich 1972

6 thoughts on “Olympic Shame”

  1. The UK is lost. But in all honesty it never really was the nation we thought it was anyway. The Olympic committee could get rid of this insulting video, but they chose not to…I can see antisemitism coming next summer to an Olympic event near you…Think it will rival Hitler’s Berlin games?

    1. Firstly, she’s not British and she can F-#* off. Secondly, Britain, despite it’s size and despite the fact that since the second world war and a number of notable occasions before that (and with the exception of Maggie), it has been run by idiots, but Britain has offered more to the world than many countries could possibly ever hope to.

      If the right people started espousing the attitudes and values that made us great and tailored our education into producing the hotbed of ingenuity that we were famous for instead of simply churning out limp wristed liberals then I have no doubt we could back to that.

      First step though is to give the islington multi-culti ‘inclusive’s’ a good shoeing and stick some of Labours social engineering experiments on the next boat back from whence they came, maybe we could sell Bradford off to some developer for a motorway stop or something.

  2. I just assumed the host nation is responsible for the safety of all members of the olympic delegations. I wonder what steps the Israel olympic committee has taken to ensure the safety of their athletes while competing next year at the London olympics. I ask this in light of an interesting lawsuit filed by CAIR on behalf of a Muslim employee at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, DC. This employee was reassigned duties when Israeli officials were staying at the hotel. The hotel had taken these actions in response to the US State Department and Israeli government protocols. The employee is suing the hotel for employment discrimination.

  3. From the YNet article, quoting Mansour:

    “Growing up, living in Britain, I used to feel very British. Now I feel very Palestinian.”

    Well, I have news for you, lady: You’re neither. Not British, since your religion demands that you fit your host country to it instead of accepting the laws of your host country (which is what Judaism requires of Jews in the Diaspora), and not Palestinian either, because only a Jew is really a Palestinian, tied to that land from birth, while an Arab residing in Palestine is a happenstance inhabitant at best, and a settler-colonist land-thief coveting the land of another nation (the Jewish nation, the one and only true Palestinian nation) at worst.

    That is the unpleasant truth about the Jewish–Arab Conflict. Palestine for the Palestinians, meaning the Jews! Free Palestine! Free Palestine from all Arab colonists unjustly settling the one and only territory of the one and only true Palestinian nation, the Jewish nation! Justice requires all colonists evacuate their unjustly held territories. No peace without justice!

    1. Insane? They still haven’t forgiven us for taking the mandate away from them.

      This long-term policy for the foreign office (and its imitators in the US State Department).

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