Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Gaza Strip

We all know that the “Concentration Camp” Gaza Strip today, under the strict oversight of Hamas is a Sharia compliant fun land of happy free women, walking around completely nude (underneath heavy black burkahs and veils of course).

But can you imagine a time, not so long ago, when evil, oppressive Israeli military forces commanded that British gentleman’s magazines must be able to shoot nude pictorials on the beaches! The indignity, the offence, the affront to feminist sensibilities. How could those evil Zionist pigs get away with freedoms like that?

Well they did and, through methods of research and subterfuge that he will not go into, Brian of London has carefully prepared a few of these images in such a way as to be publishable on the family safe Israellycool site.

For what it’s worth, here is the “writing” that accompanied these magnificent shots of the beautiful Gaza beaches (you were looking at the scenery right?). The feature was imaginatively named “Gaza Strip”. Oh they were really good the guys who came up with this stuff!

There are hundreds of girls like Karen, so entrancingly, inescapably, yearningly British, they stir memories of home and Empire, arousing protective instincts in the British male, wherever he finds them.

Well I tell you one thing, if you found Karen trying to do this on a beach in Gaza today, she’d need a hell of a lot of protecting!

We chose Gaza for no other reason than shooting a pictorial in the winter months is a cold, dark and thankless task anywhere on this side of the Mediterranean.

I’ll bet Gaza doesn’t pop to the top of their “where shall we shoot naked pictures of a Page 3 girl this winter?” editorial meeting this year!

Girls like Karen are the fantasy food of a million newspaper readers every morning as they stumble beneath those same leaden skies from home to work and back again and whose daily cheer lies in the picture on the third page of their newspaper.

Honestly, who writes this stuff and more honestly, who reads it? I’m only reposting it here because I don’t have the time to photoshop all the pictures into a form I can use here!

A million readers can’t be wrong and it was they who voted 36-24-36 Karen to the heady pinnacle of the Sun’s ‘Page Three’ girl of the year, a position most logically topped with Penthouse Petdom.

What’s this obsession with statistics? Is this like knowing the 0-60 time of a car? Some weird redux of beauty down to a string of numbers? I digress, back to the gripping story:

The world is full of girls who would like to make a living by revealing nothing more about themselves than their bodies. Breeding and genetic inheritance are all. Chauvinists that we are, we salute them all. Long may they continue their strip.

Obviously, however, they better not strip in the Gaza Strip anymore or Sharia police will catch them. You won’t be finding many nude women on the beaches of Gaza today!

10 thoughts on “Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Gaza Strip”

  1. In absolute fairness the 0-60 time of a car is actually useful if, like me, you to are also often in the wrong lane at traffic lights. Why exactly DO they write lane instructions on the road….beneath the stationary vehicles?

  2. “Those were the days my friend we thought they’ll never end!”

    Israelis had bombshells on the beach before the Arabs who then took it literally as they always do.

  3. If these are Britsh expatriates (UN?) as opposed to native girls, I doubt it would bother Hamas all that much. Remeber the last “acts” of the 9/11 murderers?

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