Richard Silverstein, Who Are You?

So I’m sitting here, having watched the year go by, and having watched the goings-on between David “Aussie Dave” Lange, and Richard “DoucheBlogger™” Silverstein, from a relatively new and interesting vantage point – inside Israellycool Estates.

At first, I had planned to continue working on the posts I have sitting in the Drafts folder, letting Dave drive the bus on this one, since this episode is (unfortunately) about him and his family. But then Brian chimed in, and since, as a fellow anonymous Evil Zionist blogger with kids of my own, this has been pretty top of mind for the last few days, I figured it was my turn.

My question for Richard is a simple one: Who are you? No, I’m not talking about your name, as, unlike Dave, you voluntarily reveal your real name on a daily basis. I’m asking about who you are as a person; about your ethics and values. Who are you? What do you stand for?

The reason I ask is because I see you describing yourself in certain ways that are hard to reconcile with some of your actions. The talk just don’t match the walk. For example:

You call yourself a Zionist, yet you make excuses for reflexively trusting your gut when approached with anti-Israel drivel that you use to augment and amplify your self-important ‘journalistic stylings’, no matter how easily said drivel is verified as untrue. You make excuses for dehumanizing IDF soldiers and accusing them of cold-blooded murder, while making excuses for the cold-blooded murderers of Hamas.

You call yourself a Jew, yet you make excuses for the brutal torture and murder of Jewish emissaries Rabbi Gavriel & Rivkah Holzberg (HY”D) in Mumbai, grotesquely fashioning this barbaric manifestation of Jew-hatred into yet another log to throw on your anti-Israel fire.

You call your blog Tikun Olam, yet you make excuses for damaging far more than you repair, witness your binary bouts of sickening glee at outing an anonymous blogger over petty egotism. Yes, you were humiliated on the interwebs, which stings, and your bewildering reputation as a legitimate source for the lazy mainstream media took a well-deserved uppercut.

But you were also given a second chance to repair the situation – to do the right thing. And you didn’t take it. You were given a second chance to keep the personal private, and in so doing, practice some honest-to-goodness Tikun Olam, perhaps for the very first time. But once again, you let your ego get the best of you.

Did you even pause at all before you hit “publish”, to think about what you were about to do? At least Jillian “Oh good” York engaged in a little self-reflection, although she conveniently left out the part where she Tweeted that Dave was “an asshole”.

So, Richard, the reason I ask who you are is because this is who I and many others see, as a result of your actions over the last few days:

When you ‘outed’ David Loeb, you failed as a journalist.

When you outed David Lange, you failed as a human being.


Zionist Shark

Zionist Shark (not his real name) is just your average evil Zionist Shark, exposing the moral imbecility of the anti-Israel feeding frenzy. He also shares his short-form Zionist rantings on Twitter - @ZionistShark