The IDF’s Greatest Heroes


The IDF Spokesperson site has published Four of the IDF’s Greatest Heroes. Here’s one of them:

Captain Zvi “Zvika” Greengold: “Team Zvika”

Cpt. Greengold commanded a force of three tanks in the Yom Kippur War, when two of them were destroyed in the beginning of the battle. Even when left alone, Greengold continued to fight the Syrian enemy. In order to fool the enemy and make them believe that they were fighting a much larger force, other officers referred to Greengold as the “Zvika Force”. Later in the battle, Greengold was injured, which didn’t stop him from continuing fighting and eventually destroying dozens of enemy tanks. After the war was over, Greengold was awarded the Medal of Valor, the nation’s highest medal for heroism.

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Update: The entire Golan Heights tank battle during the Yom Kippur War is a tale of courage and Divine providence.

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