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WATCH: The Yom Kippur War Explained

Did you know that Jordan was secretly in contact with Israel to warn us about Egypt's plans to launch a war, as well as during the war itself? This fun fact and more in yet another of the History of Israel Explained series.

It’s Official: Richard Silverstein is One of Dumbest Israel Haters On The Planet

Richard Silverstein proves yet again that despite claiming he is a journalist, he is a failed blogger. And by failed, I mean he cannot get ANYTHING right

Reader Post: Syrian Refugees Won’t Fight For An Invented Country

Syria was largely an invention of European colonial nations: is it really a nation its people will fight to rebuild?

Li(f)e On The Golan

Why Karl Vick is still an idiot.

The BBC’s Learning Lies Zone

OK BBC. PONY UP. What secret evidence do YOU have indicating Israel was about to march to Cairo or Damascus in 1973?

More History Revisionism By CNN

On the Israeli-Syrian Peace accord of 1974

Israel Fires On Syria, Media Forget To Fact Check

A 2003 strike in Syria miraculously disappears from the pages of history

The IDF’s Greatest Heroes

The IDF Spokesperson site has Four of the IDF’s Greatest Heroes. Here's one of them
Rabbi Iman

The Day In Israel: Wed Oct 6th, 2010

The iman of the mosque subject to arson has gone on the attack.


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