Time For A Third Intifada?

Palestine Today reports that Islamic Jihad leader Khader Habib recently told an audience that the Palestinians must rise up and a launch a third Intifada. In addition, he said that Palestinians must line up behind the resistance and jihad to free Palestinian prisoners.

His call for a third Intifada came at event in which Palestinians expressed solidarity with Islamic Jihad’s Khader Adnan who is currently engaged in a hunger strike in an Israeli jail. In addition, those at the rally expressed support for the Hamas members recently arrested by Israel.

Habib also called on Palestinians to reject the “futile negotiations” between “the usurper” [Israel] and the “absurd power” [Palestinian Authority].

So, who may help out with this new Intifada? Well, Habib has also recently called for full integration between Hamas and Islamic Jihad.


Challah Hu Akbar

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