Another Jew Company To Buycott: Strauss

Following on from yesterday’s post about the Jew Company Keter and the reasons you should support them, we have the Jew food company Strauss. Here are the hastily re-written reasons to support them:

The Straus Group is Israels second largest food company with a turnover $1.8 billion in 2010 and 13,500 employees operating twenty-five production sites in twenty-one countries around the world. Its brands in the USA include Sabra (hummus dips) and Max Brenner (chocolate cafes). Strauss Coffee is currently the fifth-largest coffee company in the world, dominating the central and eastern European markets (Doncafe) as well as Brazil.

The Strauss Group on its website, on the page on “Corporate Responsibility – Community Involvement” reveal their deep rooted support for the Israeli army, and in particular the infamous Golani platoon, known for its brutality extraordinary professionalism, excellence and, as part of the IDF, which overall has the lowest civilian to combatant kill ratio in military history for an army that has to actually fight, which the Strauss group has “adopted” for over 30 years.

More details on the Israellycool Buycott.


Brian of London

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