Mohammad Dahlan Slams Mahmoud Abbas Over Mashharawi Expulsion

Following his expulsion from Fatah a few months ago Mohammad Dahlan appeared on Al-Hayat and said that “Mahmoud Abbas can shove it.”

Now, Dahlan is at it again, though, this time he is commenting on the expulsion of his friend Samir Mashharawi from Fatah.

On Monday, Dahlan made two statements on his Facebook page. In the first statement Dahlan said:

The decision to dismiss the brother Samir Mashharawi is only what is expected of people who have lost their loyalty and affiliation to the movement.

He continued to say that the expulsion was simply an attempt by Abbas “to cover up” his domestic and political failures.

In a second statement Dahlan said:

If the war being fought by Abu Mazen against me was against the occupation, Palestine would have been liberated twice and all the prisoners would  have been released and the refugees would have returned.

On Tuesday, Dahlan issued a third statement:

Letters have been sent today to the members of the Legislative Council, calling on them to stand up to their responsibilities toward what is happening regarding the flagrant violations of the law and the Palestinian judiciary by the President.


Challah Hu Akbar

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