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Fatah Unveil Statue of the Unknown Terrorist

Still waiting for the palestinians to unveil a statue to a peacemaker.

Fatah’s Big Arafat Jerusalem Lie

The official Fatah Facebook page has posted the passport of Yasser Arafat aka terrorfat (who they describe as a "martyr")

Palestinians Heart Bahraini Society’s “Cleaning Of Zionist Filth”

The party of our palestinian "peace partner" and others once again show their true colors

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party Showcases Its Sense of Humor

Yup, they really said this

Fatah Shows It Is Just Like Hamas, Just With Different Colors

Fatah, the part of our "peace partner" Mahmoud Abbas, posted the following on Facebook yesterday, ahead of today's protests representing both the one-year anniversary of the “March of Return” border protests, and the palestinians’ Land Day:

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Justifies Murder of Jews During Holocaust

Our "peace partners" are at it again

Palestinian “Own Goal”: A Jewish Immigrant Document From 1935

When Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah posts things that undermine their own narrative

Unintentionally Hilarious Arafat Graphic of the Day

This is fast become a thing

Latest Fatah Arafat Poster’s Unintentional Easter Egg

Fatah continues its Arafat series, with a post showing the chair-man of the bored...and an "Easter egg"

Unintentionally Funny Palestinian Propaganda Photoshop

From the official Fatah Facebook page

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Posts Trump As Smoke Monster & The “Source of Terrorism”

And not just once, but twice - on both Facebook and Twitter

The Real Reason Many Israelis Support Two States, And It’s Not What You Think!

Most Israelis I've spoken to support a two state deal, and not for the reasons you think.

Fatah Does Not Seem To Get “Irony”

From the official Facebook page of Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah


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