Palestinian Authority Blocks Access To Another Website


On Thursday, I reported that Mahmoud Abbas after waging nearly two weeks of hacking attacks had ordered the Ministry of Information to block access to InLightPress from Palestinian territory. is reporting that Palestinian intelligence services have ordered PalTel to block access to Amad from Palestinian territory. Like the InLightPress case, it is unclear if this includes Gaza.

On its website, Amad says that users in Palestinian territory can access the website, however, they can only do so through a proxy.

According to Amad, a number of officials have spoken out against the actions of Abbas. Talat Safadi, a leader of the Palestine’ People’s Party, said that what as occurring was “unacceptable behavior.” An official from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that the Palestinian Authority must review its recent decisions and lift the bans. A Fatah official in Gaza called on Mahmoud Abbas to allow access to the sites.

Update: Victor Shikhman asked Hussein Ibish of the American Task Force on Palestine to comment on the incident.

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