(Arab) Springtime For Hitler


For those of you wondering how the “Arab Spring” in Libya is going now that Colonel Gaddafi is roasting with his old pals Yasser and Saddam (hat tip: Mum of Aussie Dave, Shy Guy).

A year ago they begged for Britain’s help when Colonel Gaddafi’s tanks encircled their city, threatening annihilation.

Now former Libyan rebels in Benghazi – liberated with the aid of the RAF last March – have systematically desecrated the graves of more than 150 British servicemen killed in North Africa 70 years ago.

Headstones at the Benghazi War Cemetery have been torn down and crucifixes smashed with hammers by a mob of extremists, some carrying guns and dressed in combat fatigues.

More than 1,000 soldiers and airmen who lost their lives in the desert wars of Montgomery and Rommel are buried at the site in Eastern Libya.

Many were members of the famed 7th Armoured Division, known as the Desert Rats, who played a crucial role in the see-saw battle for control of Libya and Egypt between 1941 and 1943.

Graves of RAF pilots were among those shattered by the thugs. It was their job to fly bombing raids – just as the RAF did last year – to assist Lieutenant General Montgomery’s Eighth Army and support commandos clearing routes for tanks.
Sickeningly, the attack, which was carried out over two days last week and appeared highly organised, was filmed by one of the men involved and posted on the internet.

As they rampage among the graves, members of the mob are heard to repeatedly say of the dead servicemen: ‘They are dogs, they are dogs.’

The violence was thought to be retaliation, in part, for the burning of the Koran by US soldiers in Afghanistan last month.

Footage shows the mob methodically kicking down grave after grave. Some are then smashed with hammers. ‘Destroy that cross, they are dogs,’ cries one hooded rebel.

Another voice is heard saying: ‘We begin with this one then we’ll take care of that other one. We won’t leave any left.’

A few seconds later another extremist says: ‘This tomb has a cross on it – a disbeliever.’

As they discover a Jewish grave bearing the Star of David, one of the men says: ‘Look at what it says on it. There is even Israeli writing .?.?. in Hebrew.’

And in one of the most disturbing sequences, one protester attaches a ladder to the Cross of Remembrance next to the cemetery. He climbs up it and begins hacking at the memorial with a hammer. Then he shouts: ‘Watch out young people. It’s going to fall.’ The cross is then smashed off.

But there’s more! (hat tip: Dan)

Two British journalists detained last month in Libya while driving at night are suspected of being spies, the head of the militia holding them has said.

Faraj al Swehli, commander of the Swehli brigade, said his men had found official Libyan documents and equipment used by the Israeli military among their possessions.

There was also footage of them firing weapons.

Al Swehli told a press conference the men would be handed to the Libyan intelligence service who would “pursue the legal process against them”.

The pair have been named as Nicholas Davies and Gareth Montgomery-Johnson. They were working for Iran’s state Press TV when they were detained on February 22 in Misrata, about 130 miles (200k) east of the capital.

They are now being held in a Swehli brigade base in central Tripoli.

Rebel fighters in Misrata where the two Brits were detained

Al Swehli showed a grey plastic packet containing a field dressing with the words “Made in Israel” on it, which he said had been found on the two journalists.

He also said the two had in their possession Libyan documents listing members of a Tripoli militia killed in a clash with a rival group late last year.

An official from Misrata said investigators had also found pornography on the Britons’ laptops but that it could not be shown for reasons of decency.

Other footage appeared to show the journalists late at night in Tripoli’s Algiers Square, dancing to Western pop music coming from a car’s sound system.

The militia holding the two Britons is one of dozens in Libya which helped topple Gaddafi but are now operating beyond the control of the new national authorities. They are ignoring government requests to disarm.

Because real Mossad agents go around carrying items with “Made in Israel” written on them.

Arab Spring? More like Pandora’s Box.

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