Sunday, Bloody Sunday: Israel Still Under Attack


Last night, I posted about the rockets raining down on Israel, and Israel’s response to the terror. At the time, I reported 15 Gazans dead, of which at least 14 were terrorists.

This morning, there are reports of a 12-year-old boy being killed in Gaza. While I am truly sorry for the loss of this young man’s life (assuming he was a non-combatant), it is important to reinforce that:

  • Israel is trying to eliminate only the terrorists and their infrastructure in targeted strikes like the following:

  • Despite our efforts, the terrorists operate close to civilian population centers. For example, as I posted yesterday, Islamic Jihad boasted about their mobile rocket launchers

I should also point out that 16 of the 17 Gazans killed have been confirmed as terrorists, per this list from former Israellycool contributor Challah Hu Akbar.

Popular Resistance Committees:

Ahmed Hanani

Zuhir al-Qaisi

Mahdi Abu Shawish

Mansour Kamal Abu Nuseira

Hussein Barham Al-Breim

Ahmad Deeb Salem

Islamic Jihad:

Fayiq Saad

Muatasim Hajjaj

Ahmad Hajjaj

Shadi Sayqali

Ubeid Gharabli

Muhammad Maghari

Hazim Qureiqi

Muhammad al-Ghamry

Muhammad Hararah

Mahmoud Najim

These are important facts to keep in mind as Israel continues to be inundated with rockets (already this morning, 7 have been intercepted by the Iron Dome), and we are all inundated with biased news reports.

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