No doubt a Zionist conspiracy!

MOSCOW: Kazakhstan has called the playing of a spoof of its national anthem at an international sporting event “a scandal” and demanded an investigation of the incident.

Maria Dmitrienko won a gold medal for Kazakhstan on Thursday at the Arab Shooting Championships in Kuwait, but during the award ceremony the public address system broadcast the spoof anthem from the 2006 movie “Borat,” which offended many Kazakhs by portraying the country as backward and degenerate.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ilyas Omarov told the ITAR-Tass news agency the incident “is, of course, a scandal and demands a thorough investigation, which we intend to conduct.”

ITAR-Tass quoted shooting team member Oksana Stavitskaya as saying that Asian Shooting Federation President Sheikh Salman al-Sabah had apologised to the team.

“Sheikh Salman personally apologised to us. He recognised that the use of the music from the scandalous film in place of the anthem of Kazakhstan was completely a mistake of the organisers. He explained that the awards ceremony was conducted by a firm under contract,” Stavitskaya said.

The Kazakh news agency Tengri quoted team Coach Anvar Yunusmetov as saying tournament organisers had downloaded various countries’ national anthems from the Internet.

Update: After I inquired about the incident, Kuwaiti organizers explained they were sorry for the mistake, and added they meant to play this tune instead.

8 thoughts on “Fail Of The Day: Borat Anthem Mistakenly Played At Medal Ceremony”

  1. First, since when are Kazakhs considered Arabs? And secondly, the fake anthem written by Erran Baron Cohen “O Kazakhstan” for the movie “Borat” is a hell of a lot better national anthem than the real one “My Kazakhstan.” Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan you very nice place.

    1. When someone brings up the term “the new media” I think of you, AussieDave and Jason Russell, the guy behind the Kony 2012 campaign. Recently Mr. Russell experienced an emotional meltdown, stripped off his clothes in public, started to rant hysterically and then began masturbating. By some reports, his behaviour was in response to criticism of his work appearing on the internet. Since I have been critical of you for some positions you’ve taken in the past, Brian, please consider it as just good natured ribbing and not to be taken that seriously.

  2. Who knew that Kuwaitis are fans of that movie? I’ll bet more than a few were laughing their derrieres off when the mistake was uncovered.

    1. The news account I read was that since “Borat” had been banned in Kuwait, this was the reason they did not realize the wrong anthem had been used. No reason was given for the ban. Perhaps it was judged to be “unIslamic.”

      1. It might be officially banned in Kuwait, but I doubt if that would stop ordinary Kuwaitis from downloading highlights of it on YouTube behind closed doors and drawn curtains.

        1. In Kuwait there are companies online that you can order pirated movies from and they get delivered to your door and because most films are so heavily cut or even completely banned it’s actually a very popular service.

          I saw Quantum of Solace in Kuwait and it was so cut to pieces that it didn’t make sense, then I watched it when I got back to the UK and realised that actually the bits they had cut out didn’t help anyway, it was still a rubbish film.

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