BDS Fail Of The Day: Park Slope Food Coop Votes Against Boycott

 Take that, BDS-holes!

A New York food co-op, servicing thousands of Brooklyn residents of varying ethnicities and backgrounds, voted against a proposed boycott of Israeli goods and produce on Tuesday night.

With upwards of 15,000 members, of various ethnic and religious backgrounds, including many Jews, the Park Slope Food Co-op, established in 1973, has become a meeting point of sorts for Jews of different backgrounds and religious denominations.

The idea of an ideological boycott was not new to the co-op, as a general boycott of South African goods and products was held during the 1970’s.

Initially discussed at a co-op member board meeting over two years ago, the proposed boycott was brought to a vote on Tuesday night, with 1,005 members voting against the boycott and 653 voting in favor.

Public Advocate and Brooklyn resident Bill de Blasio said he was proud of his neighbors for doing the right thing, calling the proposal inflammatory and destructive.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called the idea “ill conceived” and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer denounced the proposed boycott as “an anti-Semitic crusade.”

The debate over the proposed boycott at the 39-year-old cooperative market was mostly symbolic because the co-op carries only a half-dozen imported products from Israel.

Meanwhile, here’s the Daily Show’s take on the controversy.


13 thoughts on “BDS Fail Of The Day: Park Slope Food Coop Votes Against Boycott”

  1. I am hoping against hope that there is a growing phenomena experienced by an increasing number of readers that I’d like to call “The IsraellyCool Effect” where as you go about your daily life you think to yourself “I wonder what AussieDave thinks of this?” or “I wonder if this news item or tv show segment will be featured on IsraellyCool?” Well, no more than 1 hour ago I was thinking this very thought while watching yesterday’s Daily Show and now here it is on IsraellyCool. I think I’m going to break down and cry with joy.

  2. Jawbone of an Ass

    I would like to see all the BDS proponents subject to expulsion. If they have some much as an iota of the courage of their own convictions they’d quit. But of course we know they won’t so they should be removed.

  3. I wouldnt even support a South Africa boycott.

    “If goods dont cross borders, soldiers will.” — Frederic Bastiat

    The boycott had nothing to do with bringing down apartheid.

    1. Even as a Goy, I kind of get the idea of this thin Jew line. The Orthodox are trying to pull a fast one on God. But I don’t understand why they dress the way they do. Why is it essential to dress the way Jews did in Eastern Europe a couple hundred years ago? Why not dress like David and Bathsheba or Fred and Wilma Flintstone, who I’m pretty sure were Jewish?

      1. Ok, Jim, you shouldn’t take a comedy show seriously. The Talmudic tractace called “Eruvin” is one of the more complicated ones of the Babylonian Talmud (oral Torah)
        About Jon Stewart: apparently he’s Jewish, but I guess one of those liberal-lefty ones. There’s an interview with him on the internet, where he was once interviewed on FOX…very interesting, you can actually hear from him about his political views. Needless to say, the show itself has the title of “political comedy”. Now you would be a fool (no, not you Jim, anyone), if you think you can joke about muslims. I think one should joke about muslims, mohammed, the koran, etc., just like we make jokes about other religions.
        And check this out: you have to watch until about 2-3min into the interview, very very funny.

    2. Jawbone of an Ass

      Except that in the case of the Daily Show, they’ve never so much as bothered to pretend that they’re not trying to insult and embarrass Jews generally. TDS is the one show I boycott and I’m sure their endless cavalcade of Iranian lobbyists, Palestinian ‘media’ types and far left wing Obama shills against Israel can survive w/o me. Let’s see TDS make fun of Muslims, oh wait, that’s never going to happen.

      1. As a fellow Lefty I can readilly see “The Daily Show” as generally sympathetic to the political left, but not as anti-Jewish or anti-Israel. Where is Abe Foxman of the ADL to point these bigoted anti-Jewish tendencies of the show? And the last person I recall who called John Stewart a bigot was former CNN employee Rick Sanchez, but not because he thought he was too anti-Jewish, but just the opposite.

          1. Get real. A couple of guests who have a problem with Israeli policies do not add up to anti-Israel bias. The Daily Show is on five days a week, all year long, and has been on the air for decades now. How many guests do you suppose they’ve had on in that time? A lot. I wish the producers of “The Daily Show” would invite you to come on the show and then I’d make a citizen’s arrest and have you thrown in a prison cell with Jonathan Pollard just for making this stupid argument.

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