Last week, I heard about Egypt’s “farewell intercourse” law.

No, it’s not a law making marriage mandatory. Rather, it’s a law allowing men to have sex with their dead wives for up to six hours after their death.

Think conjugal visit sex, without the jail and the living woman parts. 

Needless to say, news of this law spread like wildfire. That is, until claims it was a hoax, leading to the likes of Reuters and The Daily Mail pulling their original reports.

But Raymond Ibrahim of FrontPage Magazine doesn’t think it’s far-fetched.

An Egyptian cartoon pokes fun at the proposed "farewell intercourse" law. As the spirit of the deceased woman ascends, and as her husband sexually eyes her corpse, she remarks: "O please, man—where were you when I was alive!"

Aside from provoking shock, disgust, and denial, last week’s news of Egyptian parliamentarians trying to pass a “farewell intercourse” law legalizing sex with one’s wife up to six hours after she dies has yet to be fully appreciated.

To start, consider the ultimate source of this practice: it’s neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor the Salafis; rather, as with most of Islam’s perversities—from adult breastfeeding to pedophilia marriage—Islamic necrophilia is traced to the fount of Islam, its prophet Muhammad, as found in a hadith (or tradition) that exists in no less than six of Islam’s classical reference texts (including Kanz al-‘Umal by Mutaqi al-Hindi and Al-Hujja fi Biyan al-Mahujja, an authoritative text on Sunni Doctrine, by Abu Qassim al-Asbahani).

According to this hadith, Muhammad took off his shirt and placed it on a dead woman and “lay with her” in her grave. The gravediggers proceeded to hurl dirt atop the corpse and the prophet, exclaiming, “O Prophet, we see you doing a thing you never did with anyone else,” to which Muhammad responded: “I have dressed her in my shirt so that she may be dressed in heavenly robes, and I have laid with her in her grave so that the pressures of the grave [also known as Islam’s “torments of the grave“] may be alleviated from her.”

What was Muhammad saying and doing? Perhaps his magical shirt would transport the dead woman to heaven, and his blessed body would protect her from the “pressures of the grave”? A more cynical—a more human—reading is that he stripped his shirt as a natural step before copulating; that he precisely, if not sardonically, meant the act of sex would “alleviate” the pressures of death from the corpse; and that the observers covered them with dirt for privacy and/or for shame.

This interpretation is given much more weight when one considers that the secondary meaning for the word I translated above as “lay with” is “intercourse,” further demonstrating that the proposed Egyptian law is, in fact, based on this hadith: after all, the Arabic root-word used for “intercourse” in the phrase “farewell intercourse” is derived from the same root-word that Muhammad used to explain what he did with the dead woman (d-j-‘). As if this was not enough, necrophilia finds more validation in Islam’s legal texts. For example, according to al-Sharwani’s Hawashi, “there is no punishment for having intercourse with a dead woman” and “it is not necessary to rewash the dead after penetration.”

Raymond ends his piece “When it comes to Islam, it is high time for the West to learn to connect the dots.”

Now I am no expert on Islam, and I don’t know whether or not the story is a hoax. But there’s no indication this next story is ( hat tip: Louis).

Chechnya’s government is openly approving of families that kill female relatives who violate their sense of honor, as this Russian republic embraces a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam after decades of religious suppression under Soviet rule.

In the past five years, the bodies of dozens of young Chechen women have been found dumped in woods, abandoned in alleys and left along roads in the capital, Grozny, and neighboring villages.

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov publicly announced that the dead women had “loose morals” and were rightfully shot by male relatives. He went on to describe women as the property of their husbands, and said their main role is to bear children.

“If a woman runs around and if a man runs around with her, both of them should be killed,” said Mr. Kadyrov, who often has stated his goal of making Chechnya “more Islamic than the Islamists.”

In today’s Chechnya, alcohol is all but banned, Islamic dress codes are enforced and polygamous marriages are supported by the government.

Some observers say Mr. Kadyrov’s attempt to impose Islamic law violates the Russian Constitution, which guarantees equal rights for women and a separation of church and state.

8 thoughts on “Connecting The Dots”

  1. Jim from Iowa

    When someone brings up the subject of Islam, I usually start to nod off. But give it a little of the IsraellyCool treatment, and, well, it becomes absolutely disgusting, but a lot more interesting. This Muslim necrophilia makes Gypsy Rose Lee look like a dead pope. Reminds me of Monty Python’s documentary on the sex life of mollusks.

    1. Jim from Iowa says:
      May 1, 2012 at 9:52 pm

      When someone brings up the subject of Islam, I usually start to nod off.

      You qualify to lead the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, State Dept. and even the Executive Office – all wrapped up in one, both pre and post 9/11.

  2. Raymond Ibrahim is the American son of Egyptian Coptic Christians, and given how they have been treated since the “Arab Spring,” it’s understandable that he would have issues with Islam. Here is an even more outrageous article by him concerning the intimate life of the Prophet of Islam, citing Muslim religious sources as documentation.

    You won’t know whether to laugh, cry or barf.

  3. Hundra the Warrior Woman

    Why oh why,didn’t the grave diggers bury the “prophet” along with the corpse it would have saved a whole lot of problems.

  4. While undoubtedly vast numbers of ordinary Muslims lead exemplary domestic lives, Islam’s problems with human sexuality going back to the Prophet himself remain the elephant in the mosque, even if it can be shown that Ibrahim has exaggerated. It may take a “Protestant reformation” before that religion treats women with the same respect shown by Jews and Christians.

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