Antisemitic Belgian Waffle

I don’t know what’s sadder. The fact the following happened, or the fact it doesn’t surprise me at all. 


Passengers on a train in Belgium got a shock this week as the following announcement came over the speaker, “Welcome to the train to Auschwitz. The Jews are asked to get off at Buchenwald.”

More than 55,000 were murdered at the Buchenwald concentration camp during the Holocaust.

A railroad employee who heard the announcement ran to the room with the microphone, but found it empty. A short time later a second employee took to the sound system to apologize for the “unsuccessful joke.”

The Belgian national railroad, SNCB, denounced the incident, which took place on the Brussels-Namur line.

The employee has been found and fired, SNCB officials stated.

European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor recently warned that anti-Israel sentiment in Europe could lead to a “tsunami of hate” being unleashed against European Jews. The European Jewish Parliament has reported a “surge in anti-Semitism” as well.

A recent Anti-Defamation League (ADL) poll found “disturbingly high” levels of anti-Semitism among European respondents

Meanwhile, people will argue antisemitic acts like these are the result of Israel.

I’d argue Israel is the reason Jews won’t really be getting off at Buchenwald again.

4 thoughts on “Antisemitic Belgian Waffle”

  1. Jim from Iowa

    Just wait until Europeans get within earshot of Israel’s entry into the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Izabo. You may be witness to Israel’s new darkest hour. Izabo is not only bad, they are annoyingly bad. Worse than Jedward.

  2. Another vindication of Theodor Herzl’s vision. Herzl couldn’t imagine and didn’t live long enough to witness Europe’s downward spiral over the last century, but he knew the intrinsic value of a Jewish state. Now it is said that Israel’s inflated housing prices are caused by French Jews stocking up on shelter in advance of the day they have to bail.

    1. A vindication of his view that the Jews need a state, but certainly not of his other view, that the Jews having a state would end Jew-hatred.

      Jew-hatred is protean: It can take the Christian deicide myth, the Islamic “perfidious Arabian Jews” myth, the Nazi racial theorizing, anti-Zionism, you name it, as its “justification.” Addressing those pretexts would do no good, because they’re just pretexts. There’s no alternative for Jews but to fight, and now, for their state to bring the Jew-haters to stand trial.

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