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Gazan YouTubers in Belgium Warned to Stop Harassing Jews

Last week I posted about Gazan YouTubers Skate Twins, who filmed themselves in Belgium harassing Jews. Their video attained millions of views, and the...

Further Indication ‘Vomit & Assault Man’ Is Not Jewish

I have been saying from day one: I smell a rat. But now there is a further indication that the man in the viral video vomiting over and assaulting a Black woman at a Belgium bar was not Jewish.

Israeli Television’s Follow-Up To ‘Vomit Libel’ Story

Israel's Channel 13's Hatzinor program has reported about the viral video depicting an ostensibly Orthodox Jewish man throwing up over, and striking, a Black woman

Palestinian Websites Deliberately Mislead About Murder of Palestinian Boy in Belgium

A few days ago, a number of palestinian sites, like WAFA, Quds News Network, and IMEMC, reported the murder of a young palestinian child in Belgium.

Youssef Kobo, Belgian Minister’s Adviser On Tolerance, Not Very Tolerant

Apparently not particularly smart either

Belgium’s Proximus Welcomes Visitors To Israel To ‘Palestine’

An honest mistake or something else?

WATCH: Another Chance To Ignore What The Terrorists Actually Say

Watch the Jihadi behind the #ParisAttacks in Syria and hear him explain himself.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of The Day

Seen in Ghent, Belgium

Pro-Israel Rally In Belgium

The Muscles From Brussels...

Antisemitic Belgian Waffle

Antisemitic twerps


From the country that brought us Antisemitic Railway Employee comes Antisemitic Foreign Aggressor of Immigrant Origin

Antisemitic Belgian Waffle

I don't know what's sadder. The fact the following happened, or the fact it doesn't surprise me at all
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