Now This Is Going To Be Painless – Battery Switch


You may remember a few months back I made an amateur video with my hand held iPhone showing the complete process of having a battery switched at a Better Place battery switch station.

Well here is a better one filmed with proper cameras made by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield for Green Car Reports. Nikki was in Israel last week with a whole crowd of cynical motoring journalists. She’s also an owner and frequent driver of a Nissan Leaf fully electric car. She occasionally takes this on distance challenging journeys in the UK relying on a patchwork of fast chargers where she has to stop for 30 mins or so to get enough juice to make it to the next stop or her destination. I’ve seen her tweets about needing a tow home after arriving at a fast charging spot only to find it broken leaving her unable to get home.

It’s interesting to see her mild cynicism turn slightly toward optimistic positivism. I’m in agreement with her, we won’t know if it really works till real customers are arriving at these places, day and night, and swapping without issue, but her experience matches mine: they do seem to work!

You can read her report here at Green Car Reports.


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