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Revisiting The Better Place Past

I actually get emotional about Better Place still. The promise was so great, the potential to change the world in a good way was there but many things went wrong.

Another Israeli Cool Product: Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

Take any bike you like and make it electric with an Israeli kit.

RIP Better Place

Absolutely no schaidenfreude intended.

An Update On The Better Place Story

In which I bring us all up to date on the electric car network of Better Place in Israel and elsewhere

It’s Blitz-kreig But In A Good Way

Introducing Blitz Motors

To The Top Of The Hill And Down Again x3

In which an electric car drives back and forth to Jerusalem three times and no ice caps were melted

How Much Is That EV In The Window?

Full cost details and some other small tidbits you didn't already know about the Renault Fluence ZE

Don’t Worry, We’re Fine Just Driving The Way We Are

Why the US won't lead the electric vehicle revolution

I Laugh In The Face Of Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety!

Just how far can my Better Place Renault Fluence ZE go? Far enough for a very good laugh!

What’s That Noise Daddy?

My youngest child hates mechanical noises

This Could Be The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

My new Better Place Electric Renault Fluence ZE has finally arrived.

Free Electric Car Simulation App For iPhone

A great way to pretend you have $100,000 Tesla Sportster Electric Car

Chinese Man Cons Sky News

It's held together with snot and bogies, but I think it's going to work!

Now This Is Going To Be Painless – Battery Switch

The world's media come to Israel and like something!


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