Pro-Israel Celebrity Of The Day

Meet singer-actress Kat Graham.

“Oh my Gosh your notes are in Ivrit!,” these were the first words of Kat Graham when meeting during the Paley Fest earlier this year in Los Angeles.

Triple-threat-Graham turned  TV star after appearing on the hit TV show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ as Bonnie the witch, but she has always been passionate about music, and this week her dream has become even more real as her debut EP was released on iTunes. It’s doing very well, and is also being shamelessly promoted by her new BFF Perez Hilton.

Graham, who introduced her vocal talent on the Funny-or-Die  hilarious spoof music video ‘Black and Jewish’ a while ago, has always been proud of her religious heritage.” My mom is Jewish,” she tells, “She grew up on a Kibbutz. My brother lives in Tel Aviv. I speak Hebrew because I go to Hebrew school. ”

“I’m all about Israel and I can’t wait to go there again!,” she says excitedly.

Another one to add to my expanding Pro-Israel Celebrities post.

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        1. Jim from Iowa

          If you have to ask, you are not fully invested in African American culture. Yes, chitlins are a pork product.

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