Madonna: Poptart Don’t Preach


Update: I’ve changed the title of the post to Shy Guy’s great suggestion.

Last night, pop (tart) superstar Madonna performed in Tel Aviv in front of 30,000 fans. And the Material Girl, not known for being PC, was apparently being peacey.

Madonna offered her fans a little prayer of peace late Thursday night, as she launched her 2012 World Tour in the Ramat Gan Stadium.

“If there is peace in the Middle East than there can be peace in the whole world,” the iconic American music superstar said.


Midway through the concert, she stopped the music to talk about politics and her hope for peace in the region and the world. She made vague references to a two-state solution when she spoke of Israel and Palestine, and giving away land.

Madonna arrived in Israel last week, after she ignored calls from fans to boycott the country.

“I chose to start my world tour in Israel for a very specific and important reason,” she said.

“All the conflicts that occur here [in the Middle East] and have been occurring here for thousands of years; they have to stop.”

She referenced her decision to offer free tickets to left wing members of Israeli and Palestinian non-governmental groups.

“There are several brave and important NGOs that are represented, both Palestine and Israel [here] together,” she said.

“You can not be a fan of mine and not want peace in the world,” she said.

“We are all on different paths but we are all sons and daughters of the universe. We are all human beings,” she said.

“We all want to love and be loved. It is easy to say I want peace in the world. But it is another thing to do it,” Madonna said.

“If we can all rise above our egos and our titles and the names of our countries and our religions. If we can rise above all of that and treat everyone around us every human being with dignity and respect than we are on the road to peace,” Madonna said.

“So no matter how many laws we change and how many percentages of land we give back, no matter how many talks, no matter how many wars, if we don’t treat every human being with dignity and respect, we will never have peace,” Madonna said.

“Start today, start now, each and every one of you is the future.” She ended the concert wishing everyone shalom and salaam.

Meanwhile, the following story- apparently originating from Israel Hayom – has been disseminated on many sites, especially those of the anti-Israel variety:

A member of Madonna’s dance troupe has caused controversy by posting a picture of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and tweeting, “At the amazing Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. I don’t want to say it’s in Israel, but Palestine, strength and honor.”

The tweet has so far brought no response from Madonna or her team.

I smell a rat.

The Tweet is not reproduced anywhere, there don’t seem to be any Twitter accounts named Ali Ramadani or similar linked to the dancer, a search of Twitter for the offending words yields no results, and the Twitter account by the name of Ramadani’s stage name – BBOY Lilou – shows he hasn’t ever tweeted.

In short, I call BS.

Update: The Tweet does exist after all. It just happened to be in French, and from a different account (hat tip: Commentary101):


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