Gaza Concentration Camp Suffering Continues

While I am able to drive around in silent, smooth electric vehicle luxury (without a care in the world about how far my battery will take me) those poor, opressed Palestinians in the Concentration Camp Gaza are forced to suffer with noisy, slow, smelly cars like this brand new BMW:

This photograph was tweeted out by the IDF Spokesperson, Avital Leibovich a while back but it’s just one of the many deliveries of goods that flow smoothly into Gaza after Israel conducts the necessary checks on what is going in. Even goods (such as fertilisers) that can be used to make rockets that rain down on our citizens, are allowed in after checks. The cruelty is overwhelming.

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Introducing the latest trend in “Concentration camp” Gaza: Dimple surgery!

When Shoruk Shaheen glances in the mirror, she likes what she sees, especially the change in her face after a cosmetic procedure gaining popularity in Gaza: dimple creation surgery.

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Making Hay of the Situation in "Concentration Camp" Gaza

The National begins a report on Gaza thus:

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Gazan Propagandist Has Her Lying Ass Handed Back to Her on a Platter

A Gazan Twitter user thought it would be a good idea to list items Israel supposedly prevents from entering Gaza.*

It wasn’t.

Civilian Target Struck in Gaza & Mainstream Media Fails to Report it. Guess Why.

A target in Gaza has been struck (a deliberate attack on a civilian target no less), and the mainstream media – which usually reports when Israel sneezes, let alone strikes targets in Gaza – is silent.

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New in "Concentration Camp" Gaza: Gold-Plated Gucci iPhone

Have you ever fancied an iPhone 12 Pro Max plated with 24 karat gold, with the Gucci logo on the back?

If so, it could set you back 11,500 shekels, or $3550 – at least if you decide to buy it in Gaza.

That’s right, “concentration camp” Gaza.