What Is The Capital Of South Africa?

BBC Sport’s London 2012 Olympics page clearly lists Pretoria as the only capital city of South Africa

The capital of South Africa, according to BBC Sport, is Pretoria. This is not entirely correct if you apply the same standards to South Africa as the BBC apply to the Jewish State.

Following up on my previous complaint to the BBC and their risible answer I have now submitted a new complaint about their Israel page:

Israel’s information page, unlike the information page for every other country in the world, does not list a Capital City. It bizarrely lists a “Seat of Government” and makes an irrelevant statement about embassies.

Even Wikipedia lists Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel. I believe the Prime Minister of Israel has now written to you twice to confirm this (from his office in Jerusalem).

Bizarrely, a country like South Africa, which has three separate capital cities covering the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government, is listed on your web site as having it’s capital in Pretoria. This is commonly accepted but not actually clear cut.

If you are to split hairs on Israel, why do you apply different rules to the world’s only Jewish state and not to a

country like South Africa?

The Prime Minister’s Office and Mark Regev have also not accepted the BBC’s change to list Jerusalem as a “Seat of Government” instead of Capital City.

Just for reference, and [satire] because we all know that Wikipedia is the world’s most reliable source on information relating to Israel [/satire] here are some relevant snaps of how Wikipedia classifies Israel and South Africa:

But Wait! There’s More!

Commentators below have added:

The better comparison would be a country like Bolivia who’s listed capital on BBC is Sucre, with no other comments, yet in reality, most of the foreign embassies to Bolivia are located in La Paz. Why don’t they mention that in regards to Bolivia and only mention it in Israel’s page.



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