Moses In the Sinai


The Sinai is a really magnificent place. A peninsula that looks exactly like Piglet’s snout, a desert full of life, history, and terrorism. Looking from above, way above, a different image appears:

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Do you see it? It’s Moses.

Rumour has it he’s looking at Jerusalem:

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The image appears in other visual light satellite images, like this and this.

Well no, it’s obviously not Moses, but the uncanny coincidence is amazing. What you see is an intricate geological display of very old and dark Precambrian granites of the Sinai massif, thrusting through younger sedimentary limestone and dolomites, with the odd ephemeral river bed pinstriping the landscape with a contrasting white line. Hints of orange, like the “face”, is Nubian sandstone.

The psychological phenomenon is called Pareidolia, and that is the same reason why we see this outlet as shocked or angry, or this outcrop as Old Man of the Mountain. It’s only natural to expect that such a phenomenon would eventually apply to religion, and I have to say, that opposed to dog anus Jesus, this time, us Jews got the good end of the deal.


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