Pallywood Blondie And Friends Assaulting IDF Soldiers


Yesterday, I posted about the blonde palestinian child who seemed to be trying to coax an IDF soldier into restraining her for the latest installment of Pallywood.

I’ve now located the video, and as you’ll see, some of the children assault the soldiers, with blondie even grabbing at a soldier’s gun, encouraged by the adults. Yet the soldiers show amazing restraint.

Update: The blonde girl is a fixture at Nabi Saleh protests, and I believe it is her who appears briefly at 0:50 in the below excerpt for the documentary We are Nabi Saleh.


The YouTube description of the film is:

The trailer of the documentary We are Nabi Saleh!

We are Nabi Saleh is still looking for Co-funding, screening places and help with translation: Arabic-English. If you wan’t to collaborate, write an email to We can make it real together. Bless

Pallywood indeed.

Update: Per the forum to which I linked yesterday, the blonde is the daughter of palestinian “activist” Bassem Tamimi. And she appears in some other Nabi Saleh protest videos, such as this:

Notice the text overlay on the video: Tamimi Press.

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