CNN Fail To Correct Misharawi Report


All the major news sites, except CNN, have updated their story on the killing of 11 month old Jihad Misharawi.

Here’s what Talal Abu-Rahmah had to say in November:

The Gaza-Israel conflict left more than 160 Palestinians dead, many of whom were civilians.

The brother of BBC journalist Jihad Misharawi, whose 11-month-old son was killed in an Israeli airstrike, died from wounds suffered in the strike, medical sources said Monday.

Other CNN reporters also reported it, like Sara Sidner for instance:

With its attacks, Israel is denying Palestinians their rights and efforts to establish an independent state, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday.

“This is an aggression against all Palestinian people,” he said.

He cited the deaths of two babies as a result of Israeli airstrikes. One was the 11-month-old son of a BBC journalist in Gaza, BBC Foreign Editor Jon Williams said.

Don’t let the CNN’s sloppy journalism slip under the radar, share this until they correct it!


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