Israellycool Get Results From CNN, But They Still Fail


After posting 48 Ways To Whitewash Fatah Terrorism, I’ve contacted numerous watch groups on twitter, including the author of that piece, Sara Sidner, and pointed out the factual error about Fatah’s founding.

Sneakily and without an official correction notice, CNN added a new sentence to their article:

Palestine Liberation Organization leaders say Fatah was officially founded in 1965 which coincided with its first major attack against Israel.

Let’s Fisk it:

“PLO leaders say” –  That’s another way of saying “we didn’t fact check what we are about to write”.

“Fatah was officialy founded in 1965”  – Which is a proven lie.

“Coincided with it’s first major attack against Israel” – On the one hand, CNN admits there’s a terrorist attack somewhere in there. On the other hand, it’s obfuscated by “coincided”. The retroactive political action, of coinciding Fatah’s anniversary celebrations with its war crimes, is the correct way of things, and not the twisted, deceitful PLO (of which Fatah is the biggest faction) propaganda and history revisionism, which CNN has posted on their website.

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