Richard Silverstein’s Latest Deliberate Lie


Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein once again uses his Facebook page to advance his anti-Israel agenda.

latest lie

And once again shows how dishonest he is.

I’ll allow the comments under his post to speak for themselves.


I do not believe this is an example of “mere” sloppiness on Silverstein’s part, but rather a deliberate, dishonest attempt to spread hate against his ideological opponents. I say this because Silverstein shared the photo directly from another Facebook user (who directly objected to Silverstein’s caption). The context of the photo is evident from the comments underneath it, and although they are in Hebrew, Silverstein could easily use Google Translate if need be. There certainly was no indication this photo was of “Settler extremists expressing their love and affection for their Palestinian brethren.” And once this is pointed out to him, he leaves up the post and caption.

I am adding this to the increasingly long list I have compiled on Silverstein.

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