Green Pilgrim Symposium Opening Night


The first international Jerusalem Symposium of Green & Accessible Pilgrimage

opened tonight in Jerusalem, Israel with a cocktail party at the YMCA building.

Since Brian of London did not attend, I will share with everyone a few of my favorite photos.

photo of man in cpae

Of course, if I see a guy in a cape at a cocktail party, I have to check it out.

Photo of Swede who walked to Jerusalem

Turns out he is the man who walked 5000 kilometers from Sweden for this event,

which really was not such a crazy idea as Israeli airlines were striking today.

Arab man talking to two women

He was not the only colorful character attending this party.

Jerusalem symposium

There were many diverse religious figures, including His Beatitude Theophilos III.

Diversity of religions at Green Pilgramage

And t is way too late at night for me to try to caption this photo.

YMCA cocktail reception Muslim woman

There was good food, but like all Jerusalem municipal events, apartheid was hard to find.

Image deputy mayor of Jerusalem Naomi Tzur

Founder of the Green Pilgrim Jerusalem, Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur was smiling,

and probably not just because had met for coffee with Brian of London earlier in the day.

photo Jerusalem Mayor Barkat talking to Naomi tsur

She consulted with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat before he addressed the audience.

Stage for Green Pilgrim event

Lots of music, plenty of speeches, food and wine, and more programs for the next two days.

Opening night was certainly a lot more colorful than just green, sorry Kermit.

You just gotta “LOVE OUR CITY” where else in the world could this happen!


UPDATE: I would like to add that Nilsson Jordan, the Swedish walker,

who is a Knight Hospitaller of the Order of Saint Lazarus, is also a great sport,

he laughed when I told him about this post.

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