Trains Rolling Along And ‘Jews Living Happily in Auschwitz’

Trains Rolling Along And ‘Jews Living Happily in Auschwitz’

Trains are moving efficiently toward the new homes of the Jews and many hundreds of thousands of them are now ‘living happily in Auschwitz’ and the other ‘holiday camps’ we have set up for them said moderate Nazi minister of Public Enlightenment, Joseph Goebbels.

How would that be for a headline and first paragraph of a story?

Lets try another one:

Obama’s administration presents a ‘forged birth certificate’

In response to demands that he prove he was not born in Kenya, Obama’s administration has released a clearly forged ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ said leading campaigners for truth and justice.

This is fun, I’m on a roll here.

Bombing attacks on trains and buses in London ‘completely justified’

A leading Muslim cleric in London today claimed blowing up British ‘citizens on their way to work’ was completely justified because of British participation in killing Muslims in Afghanistan.

Oh wait, I haven’t done Israel yet! How stupid of me:

Israeli strikes on Syria ‘co-ordinated with terrorists’

Israeli strikes on Syrian army targets show co-ordination with ‘terrorists’ including al-Qaeda linked militants, the Syrian foreign ministry has said.

No serious, credible news agency would ever write headlines and first paragraphs as inflammatory and so obviously based on ridiculous sources right?

They’d be acting as a mouth piece for the worst murderers and despots in the world if they did. Right? Of course they wouldn’t.

Which is why, of course, the last one is (as I write this) still on the BBC’s website hours after I first saw it.

Balance? If you live in the UK you pay for this evil.

BBC News - Israeli strikes on Syria 'co-ordinated with terrorists'

And this is from the actual home page of the entire BBC News site:

BBC News - Home Israeli strikes 'Backing Terrorists'

Elder of Zion also has a post on this. Honest Reporting is correctly pointing out that the rarely used word “terrorist” is being thrown around with gay abandon when it is Israel in the frame for cavorting with “terrorists”.


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