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Illustrative only.
Illustrative only.

Alternative title from Shawn on Facebook: “New from Michelin: Evil Killer Zionist Settler Tires®”.

A stone throwing Arab in Samaria lies dead after a ‘Settler’ fires his gun. But all is not what it seems.

The science is in: he was definitively killed by his own rock when it bounced back from a tyre and hit him on the head.

Arutz 7 (Israel National News) has the final verdict on an Arab ‘stone’ thrower who was mysteriously killed while throwing large rocks at passing cars.

Police originally believed that the resident of Emmanuel who reported firing in the air had in fact fired at his attacker, killing him. The man was arrested and questioned. However, an initial forensic report showed that the attacker had not been killed by a bullet, and the detainee was released.

A final forensic report, released over the weekend, showed that the attacker was killed when a stone he threw hit the car driven by the man from Emmanuel. The stone hit the car’s tire and bounced back at high speed, hitting the attacker and leaving him with a fatal head injury.

I think we can chalk this down to death by karma. Oops. H/t Eric on Facebook.

Aussie Dave adds: It seems this is an old story from 2009. Plus I posted it earlier this year!

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