Who Stands Taller Dr Ruth or Sharon Stone?


The Israeli Presidential Conference Tomorrow took place last week.

But Dr Ruth just tweeted last night:

Since she wrote me that she is still in Israel,

I decided it was not too late to post a few photos I was saving for IsraellyCool.

photo Yair Lapid

MK Yair Lapid spoke in English to the packed room.

I wonder if anyone remembers what he said?

Photo Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone

Front row and center at this presidential conference were not just any ol’ long legs,

photo Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone

but those of Hollywood celebs Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone.

photo Sharon Stone

At this event Sharon Stone was the center of media attention,

not the new Israeli political face Yair Lapid.

photo Sharon Stone

Yep, I followed Sharon Stone as she hurried to escape from the hall,

real paparazzi style for IsraellyCool.

photo Sharon Stone

While Sharon Stone has really long legs and wears high heel shoes to stand even taller,


it was tiny Dr. Ruth Westheimer who really stood out in the crowd.

She did not run away from the camera or Israel, but stayed around this week and spoke to a large crowd of young people in Tel Aviv. Then she danced in the Tel Aviv streets for “White Nights” before going on to Haifa.

At 85 years young, Dr Ruth seems to keep going and growing.


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