Huge BDS Fail Of The Day

Update: Post removed

I ask anyone who may have replicated this post or the photo to please refrain from doing so.

27 thoughts on “Huge BDS Fail Of The Day”

  1. We must be careful not to exploit Alicia.
    She will come away with the Truth and she will make sure the world hears what she has to say.
    Just be your wonderful yid selves, show her Our Israel and continue to thank G-d for the appearance of a righteous Gentile who will help illuminate the Truth.

  2. You may have a scoop here Dave, Haven’t seen this anywhere else. This is great but…..
    I couldn’t help but notice that her facebook page lacks any reference to her visit to Israel, not even the concert. Contrast that with her 3 prior concerts in Lisbon, Poznan (Poland) and Istanbul, all prominently mentioned by her on FB. So maybe BDS is having some subtle effect on celebrities. If there is another explanation for this please opine.

    1. Jim from Iowa

      Take what you can get from this good-news story, Gideon. They aren’t making movies like “Exodus” anymore. You know what I mean? And speaking of movies, “World War Z” is just a zombie movie. It’s not about Israel. Really.

  3. You can have numb skull performers like Keyes…the guys who actually contribute something to our understanding of this planet, like Hawking, know what we’ve been doing to Palestinians for the past 65 years is DEAD wrong…

    1. Hawking is brilliant, in his own field, sadly, you wouldn’t understand a word he said if it wasn’t for Israel.

      So it’s really a pity that he chooses to talk about a subject that he knows jack about.

      That actually just proves the point, about how really intelligent people are disconnected from the world!

    2. So tell us all genius. What EXACTLY HAVE we been doing to these Arabs for 65yrs

      Don’t be shy. We’re waiting?

    3. You mean like the 17times more jewish Nobel prize winners than Muslims. Despite there being only 17.5 million Jews versus ONE POINT THREE BILLION MUSLIMS

      you mean like that kind of contribution.

      As opposed to Hawkins the celebrity scientist nonentity who goes to Iran and says nothing.

  4. Aussie Dave: Good work finding that photo. Where was it from? Is it a Facebook pic? Was Alicia at a party? Who asked you to take it down?

  5. Dave this FB page still posts your Israellycool BDS fail Alicia Keys post. I sent them a message concerning your request

    I Acknowledge Anti-Semitism Poses as Palestinian “Human Rights” Activism

  6. Pretty funny you all trumpeting the so-called BDS fail when Alicia Keys won’t even mention concert in TLV on Twitter or Facebook and everyone’s falling over themselves scrubbing the images she took at the ThankIsraeliSoldiers office. Looks like BDS win to me.

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