Mia Farrow, (Selective) Nazi Hunter


Jewish pop culture blog Six Degrees No Bacon reveals that actress and human rights campaigner Mia Farrow has taken to Nazi hunting on Twitter.


While I am sure we all appreciate this, let’s not forget that less than 3 years ago, Farrow showed support for the new Nazis trying to annihilate us and minimized their crimes.

Farrow also visited the Israeli city of Sderot, which has borne the brunt of the rockets attacks from Gaza, just a few kilometers (miles) away.

She said she heard of children in Sderot not being able to sleep at night, waking up in terror.

“Fear is fear and you don’t want children living in fear. But there is a huge difference between Sderot and what happened to the people of Gaza.”

“I would say the response was pretty excessive, against all international laws and common decency,” said Farrow, who wore a UNICEF T-shirt.

She pointed out that Sderot has bomb shelters and warning sirens, and had far fewer casualties.

In Gaza on the other hand, “the people had nowhere to go. The attacks were by air, by land and by sea. This is unimaginable, you have a population of 1.5 million people in absolute terror,” said Farrow.

Homemade rockets

While the deadly Israeli offensive devastated Gaza, Palestinian militants fired home-made rockets that did comparatively little damage.

In Sderot, Farrow was shown some of the Palestinian rockets that slammed into the city. “I looked inside the rockets, it was mud, just mud.”

Yet, she appealed to Palestinians to stop the attacks on Israel.

“Every rocket that’s fired erodes your own standing. Don’t do it, you’re losing the moral high ground.

“They have been wronged, but that’s overlooked because they fired rockets. I don’t know if people really understand how relatively insignificant these rockets are, but how immense the publicity they triggered, anti-Palestinian publicity.” (and not because it is wrong to try to kill Israelis  – ed.)

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