BBC: Tardy To The Party And Too Mean To Bring A Bottle

BBC Israeli hospital treats Syrian childrenLast week we ran the personal testimony of medical technician from one of the northern hospitals treating Syrian wounded. He spoke about the surprise when the uncle of a little girl found a religious Jew being nice to his child. The New York Times also ran a pretty good piece on the subject.

Yesterday the BBC made a short report. I can’t embed it.

Israeli hospital treats Syrian war-wounded

20 August 2013 Last updated at 16:43 GMT Help
As the conflict in Syria continues, the number of injured Syrians reaching Israel to receive treatment is rising.

It is unclear, however, how they arrive or leave Israel.

Sam Farah reports.

Why thanks, BBC, for noticing and so kind of you to draw our attention to such important details as:

  • The poor child and her aunt are living in a “squeezed area”.
  • The Israeli army “brings them here” and “whoever leaves the hospital is taken by the army, we don’t know what happens after departure. They probably go back home to Syria”

And here’s what they don’t point out.

  • They’re receiving FREE health care in one of the best hospitals in the world.
  • In a private room: something most NHS patients in the UK can only dream of with their crowded wards and curtain partitions.
  • They’re literally smuggled out of Syria (and then for the children) their caregivers are surreptitiously brought to Israel, probably at some risk to the IDF.
  • Their identities are hidden to protect them from reprisals when they go back to Syria.
  • They are guarded 24×7 while in Israel for their protection.
  • The hospital administrator they interview is an Israeli Arab and clearly speaking Arabic (no need to mention this BBC).

But hey, thanks BBC: no matter how hard you try, and you did try, it’s hard to make Israel look bad for treating the wounded of our neighbor. We all know there is ZERO chance they’d treat wounded Jews like this.


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