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Who’s Drinking Earl Grey From A Mug With This Map On It

A sign Jew hating Palestinian lobby in the UK is finding it hard to keep covering for homicidal Jihadi knife attacks in Jerusalem?

Are We Living On The Same Planet Lyse?

The BBC’s Lyse Doucet ask a completely insane question. And Bibi replies.

BBC Just Can’t Stop Hating Jew

The BBC never misses an opportunity to accuse the Jews of defending themselves maliciously.

Hey BBC, Even Al Jazeera Knows When They’re Wrong

When the BBC can’t bring itself to apologize for the same mistake Al Jazeera just said sorry for.

Terror In Jerusalem: Two Jews Murdered, Along With The Truth

A lethal attack along with lethal journalism

BBC Radio 4 Knows Whodunit: It Was The Joooos

Setting the level of Jew hatred to 10 in the UK isn’t enough, the BBC takes it to 11.

BBC Tim Willcox Has To Find A Way To Blame Jews For Being Attacked...

Palestine, Palestinians, occupation, Gaza, settlements, apartheid.

It’s Jihad Jim, But Not As We Know It

And with a technical definition, the BBC doesn’t have to record Israelis killed by Arab terrorists.

Jews Debate The UK Condemns

Two nights ago I watched the profoundly depressing debate in the UK’s House of Commons over the recognition of Palestine.

Orla Guerin’s Deep Disappointment From Gaza

I had the misfortune to watch Orla Guerin’s report on the main BBC News in the UK on Friday night.

The BBC’s Learning Lies Zone

OK BBC. PONY UP. What secret evidence do YOU have indicating Israel was about to march to Cairo or Damascus in 1973?

BBC: Tardy To The Party And Too Mean To Bring A Bottle

But hey, thanks BBC: no matter how hard you try, and you did try, it’s hard to make Israel look bad for treating the wounded of our neighbour.


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