Another Anti-Israel Internal Fight: Gilad Atzmon Rips Dror Feiler

It has been a tough period for the anti-Israel crowd, with a number of internal fights, including:

MJ Rosenberg vs Ali Abunimah

Gilad Atzmon vs Ali Abunimah

Lisa Goldman vs Ali Abunimah

Asa Winstanley vs Joseph Dana

Richard Silverstein vs Sally Idwedar

Many vs Max Blumenthal

We can now add another one to the list: Gilad Atzmon vs Dror Feiler

gilad-atzmondror feiler

Ynet reported today that “Israeli expat Dror Feiler, who was banned entry to Israel due to his participation several Gaza flotillas, appealed to the Jerusalem District Court to reverse the ban and allow him to visit the country in order to tend to his sick, 90-year-old mother.”

Now, of course I hope that Feiler succeeds in his appeal and manages to reunite with his elderly mother, but the argument that Feiler uses in his appeal exposes the deceptive nature that unfortunately, is intrinsic to the Jewish progressive message in general and to Dror Feiler in particular.

In an interview with the Israeli Ynet, Feiler produced some very peculiar Judeo-centric arguments that demonstrated a complete dismissal of any ethics, let alone any universal approach to the conflict.

Feiler said “I contend that a state that defines itself as The Jewish State -a state of all Jews, should let Jews enter, if the Israeli state fails to comply with this, it had better define itself as a state of some Jews (rather than the Jewish State)”. This is fine for Feiler’s appeal but I  can’t help wondering, where does it leave the Palestinian refugee? Can he or she allowed in?

Feiler leaves little room for doubt. His vision of ‘inclusiveness’ is referring to Jews and only to Jews but, being an exemplary Anti-Zionist Zionist Feiler adds “I oppose the policy, not the state itself, and I hope the court will grant me entry.”

So, Felier , because he is a Jew, demands to be allowed into Israel and goes on to contend: “If this is the Jewish State, Jews of different opinions must be let in as well.”

By the way, a year ago, the very same Dror Feiler disinvited the adorable Col. Ann Wright from joining his Jews-only boat to Gaza.

I guess that time is ripe to expose the horribly flawed, tribal ideology that has settled itself at the very heart of our solidarity movement.


Mr Feiler is not happy. here is what he wrote to me:

Your Name: Dror Feiler
Your Email: dror.feiler@***.com
Subject: texts that are unfair, devious, not true and meant to mislead
Message: To whom it may concern:

Yes, I appealed together with my mother to the Jerusalem District Court to reverse the ban and allow me to visit the country in order to be with my 90-year-old mother.
(The ban on me entering Israel is a result of my organizing of and participating in the Freedom Flotillas 2010, 2011, 2012)

And yes, I did say that if Israel defines itself as a Jewish state, which means a state for all Jews than they should not prevent me to enter the country.

What I did not say was that I am in anyway supporting the idea of an ethnic defined state. I am very disappointed that some people  (like Gilad Atzmon) are trying to twist my words so it will look as if I am for an ethnic defined state.

Everybody who has followed my political work knows that I have always supported and still support the idea of a state for its citizens (which means that the state is not defined by religion and/or by ethnicity) and that I am support the right of return of the Palestinians refugees.

It makes me sad to read texts that are being spread that use the appeal to visit a 90-years old mother in order to attack me politically. It is tragic some people are using their time for spreading texts that are unfair, devious, not true and meant to mislead people instead of struggling against the Israeli occupation, the siege of Gaza, the Israeli governments policies and the Israeli lobbies around the world.

My answer to Mr Feiler. 

Dear Dror
I re-read my report
You obviously spin again:

1. I did wish you luck in your appeal. I really hope that you manage to re-unite with your mother.
2. I quoted you accurately and did not suggest that you supported the Jewish state..However let me ask you, when you said “I oppose the policy, not the state itself,” what exactly did you have in mind?  It is also an established fact that you operate politically in Jews-only political cells – you are  the chairman of the Swedish Jewish exclusive organisation Jews for Israeli–Palestinian Peace (JIPF) and the European Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP). And if this is not enough you also led  a Jews -only boat to Gaza. So time is ripe for you to come clean and clarify your position of Jewish political exclusivism.  Also, if you oppose the Jewish State, as you now say, why do you use the Jewishness of the state and your own Jewishness  as an argument in your favour?
3. I am not interested in political gain. I am a writer and  musician, not a politician.  In fact, I actually repel all politicians equally. But in your case i indeed feel a unique contempt toward your total lack of intellectual integrity. Typically, you deliver one message to the Goyim and another message to the Jews and the Israelis. I am sorry about it, but i had to expose you.
4. If you want to use my site to clarify your position ..see yourself invited,  Please provide 250 words. I will post it and circulate to my list..
All the best



David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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