Ken O’Keefe And Gilad Atzmon: Antisemites2

Antisemite Ken “KOK” O’Keefe gets together with self-hating, antisemitic Jew Gilad Atzmon.

Vile antisemitism ensues.

Note how these guys are so antisemitic, they even come out hard against anti-Zionist Jews.

4 thoughts on “Ken O’Keefe And Gilad Atzmon: Antisemites<sup>2</sup>”

  1. ???? ?????? ???? ??-????

    As the islamic winter sweeps across the muslim tribes, you seem to worry about the “jews” or how jew”ish” so many there are in your industry

    worry about your beloved london

    it’s going bankrupt

    1. It’s the anti Zionists who always try to stop pro Israeli people from talking. I can’t think of a time someone as hateful as those two was prevented from voicing their opinions.

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