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Roger Waters Is An Anti Zionist, Not… Oh Screw It.

Roger WatersRoger Waters.

*Pause for reader grumbles and under-the-breath swearing*

This post is actually less about Roger Waters but about the mindset of most our “Not Antisemitic” homeboys.  But goshdarnit I’m gonna use this douche as an example.

So, most of us are familiar with Roger Waters’ relationship with Israel.  If you aren’t… it’s perfect. Never better.

So. Mr. Roger Wagner Waters, wants his brethren in the entertainment industry to punish the Israeli government for its policies through enacting the tenets of the BDS Movement.  Sounds like legitimate criticism right?  Because criticizing the Israeli government is not in of itself antisemitic.  Well duh. We Israelis do it all the time.  This is a democracy, baby!  We don’t get through breakfast without criticizing the Israeli government.  This doesn’t make us antisemitic.

People criticize governments all over the world. But…

  • How many to the point where they call for their destruction?
  • How many to the point where they openly support the act of killing civilians through terror because of a government policy?
  • How many to the point where any tiny little bit of news that comes out of the country is blown out of proportion and spun out of control until it enrages everyone?
  • How many to the point where they are actively willing to ignore actual human rights atrocities occurring right next door as they desperately need their attention?
  • How many to the point where they delegitimize the moment of the country’s very founding?
  • How many to the point where the act of protecting itself against constant attempts of annihilation is forbidden?

And here’s where Roger Waters comes in.

  • How many to the point where you are openly calling for the punishment of the individual inhabitants of that country?

Let’s compare Roger Waters’ comments on Israel:

parallels with what went on in the ’30s in Germany are so crushingly obvious.


The Jewish lobby is extraordinary powerful here and particularly in the industry that I work in, the music industry and in rock ‘n’ roll.


OK, now, now.  Waters has always had a political nose and is an activist against all kinds of oppression.

Let’s take a look at what he had to say about Turkey.

To all my friends in Turkey
I am with you! We are with you! You are so right to resist the forces of autocracy and repression. It doesn’t matter who they are.
If I read the Internet right, in your case, you are resisting autocratic religious zealots.
Turkey is your country and we support you and yearn for your freedom, but also, you and your struggle are so important to the rest of the world.
Every time a man or woman or child takes to the streets, and stands up for human rights, for self determination, for democracy, for Mistress Liberty, the rest of the world is in debt.
We are not physically with you in the water cannon’s fire, in the tear gas clouds, but we are with you in spirit.
We applaud your stand for we know it is not easy.
Your great country stands at the gateway between east and west. Constantinople is legend in the history of civilization. Your resistance today may well be a turning point between all of us and a return to the dark ages.
With love, and tears, and huge respect,
Roger Waters.
Ahh… here we go.
  • “My friends in Turkey”.  You mean even though he disagrees with the government policies of Turkey, he still considers the Turkish people to be his friends? Wait a second.  But you also disagree with Israeli policies, yet you are calling for collective punishment on all Israelis.
  • “You are right to resist…” it almost seems as though Waters is openly condoning the use of violence.  But in Israel, when we have a problem with the government, we also protest, yet none of our protests ever seem to turn violent.  Which does Waters prefer?  Contrary to what antiziosemites may think, there is no correlation between how violent a protest is vs how right the protesters are.
  • “If I read the Internet right.” ………….. say what now?

OK, yada yada…

Let’s see what we can conclude here.

Waters, as well as anyone else who whines they can’t criticize the Israeli government without being labelled an antisemite, can’t seem to criticize any other government the same way they criticize the Israeli government.  The double standards are blatant and people who may ACTUALLY benefit from this type of activism tragically get ignored.

These people can still retain friendship with the people of a country while protesting its government, however not in Israel. By doing this they assume each and every Israeli is guilty of breaking some law they just made up and that exists only for Israelis, no matter what the individual view of that person.

So there we go. The answer to the age-long question is, yes you can criticize Israel without being antisemitic, if you only had a clue what the word “criticize” means.

About the author

Picture of Deebo


I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.
Picture of Deebo


I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.
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