Carter’s Evil Lie


George Washington couldn’t tell a lie, but Jimma can’t seem to stop. The big news today is that former President Jimmy Carter said the boycott against Israel is “too much.” However, he couldn’t stop himself from finding something else to say about Israel–something nasty and false and harmful. Jimmy insinuated that Israel’s one request regarding the peace negotiations with the PA: recognition of Israel as the Jewish State, would mean that Arabs living in Israel would have to convert to Judaism.

Israel can claim ‘We are a Jewish state.’ I don’t think the Arab countries will contradict that Jewish statement. But to force the Arab people to say that all the Arab people that they have in Israel have to be Jews, I think that’s going too far.


Um, no, Jimma. That’s not true. It’s just stuff you made up out of thin air. Jews don’t seek converts. That would be ISLAM that does that. Oh, and Christianity, too. They SEEK converts. And in the case of say, the Inquisition, and the Crusades, they actually IMPOSE conversion on the unwilling. Same thing in Islam. You don’t want to be Muslim? Fine. You die.

The Jews, on the other hand, don’t just take anyone. We are a select club. You have to be um, CHOSEN.


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