This Must Not Be The New Normal

more Code Red alerts iPhone 30 JuneI’m woken most mornings by one of my kids. That’s relatively pleasant compared to the south of Israel right now.

The picture shows my iPhone status screen. The Hebrew lines are “Code Red” rocket attack warnings each for a different neighbourhood in the south.

Here’s the latest Facebook post of The Muquata (he’s stopped updating his blog).

9:17am 16 Gaza Rockets have hit Israel since midnight…2 ppl required medical assistance due to panic from the attacks.

Eyewitness account sent in by a reader from Southern Israel…its almost impossible to imagine living like this:

“Last night…Our house was quiet. My husband and son were watching the news. The dog was sleeping beside me in the computer room. I was at the computer on Facebook. Suddenly the dog started to bark and bark and run around the house in circles. 

“And then I heard a siren not to far away [we are 5 minutes from Netivot] and a couple of very loud booms [the iron dome taking out two missiles]. Our windows vibrated and the floor shook. I looked out the window to see if everything was alright and to my surprise two older women [I didn’t know them] probably from the moshav next door were hiding against the wall of my house, under the window in my backyard. I invited them to come in, but they were too scared and said they just want to get home.

“This is our life in the South..Oh by the way we are 9 kms from Gaza….As a side note: if the siren had wailed in my yishuv we have 15 seconds to get to safety..not much time at all…

“Postscript: at 7:00. rockets were flying all over Eshkol…we could hear the booms. My grandchildren who live on my yishuv but go to school in Kfar Maimon, were leaving the house to get their school bus. The bus comes at 7:10. It takes about 20 minutes to get to school..

“During their ride another siren for Eshkol…the school bus has to go pass Eshkol to get to the kids school. My grandchildren were on the bus…

“This is the same road that a high school boy was killed when terrorist attacked his school bus near Kibbutz Saad a couple of years ago.

“At 8:24 My grandchildren just had a siren in school…



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